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The Gospel

In expressing our heartfelt gratitude and love for our Savior and all that He did through His glorious gospel, we can't overstate the importance of the Sunday Worship Service. We come together to be refreshed by His presence, encouraged by His promises, and transformed by His truth.

Sermon Samples

Covenant Life Community Church records Sunday sermons and posts them for its members and guests under the Limited Access portion of this website. If you are interested in listening to a sample of sermons, please select the following link:  Sample Sermons


A Typical Sunday Meeting

We typically gather together for a time of corporate worship each Sunday. We come together with grateful hearts to worship and glorify God. We welcome you to join us as we lift our voices through song and prayer in passionate worship to God.

We then continue our worship through the joy of giving from our financial resources to the ministry of the church. After this parents are given the opportunity to take their younger children to the children's ministry, but we welcome children of all ages to remain in the service as well.

The central portion of the service, which is the preaching of God's Word, then begins. We are committed to sound doctrine in all that we do. We treasure the Bible as God's inspired Word and gladly submit to its authority. Because we believe that the Bible is sufficient to direct us in every area of life, Bible study and scriptural application are vital to how we walk out our faith and care for one another.

At the conclusion of the message, a final song is sung, and a benediction is given by one of our pastors. Our Sunday Worship Service is then dismissed, but people are encouraged to stay in order to fellowship and pray with one another.