About Us


First, let us tell you about Jesus.

He is the beginning, middle and end. He is not a means to an end, nor is He the carrot at the end of a religious stick. Jesus is the Master, the King, the Message, the Word, the Lamb, the Son, the Sacrifice, the Savior, the Atonement, the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is everything. Therefore, our identity as a church is found in Him.

A church is not a building, nor is it defined as an organization. Rather, a church is a living organism - a community made up of disciples of Jesus Christ, created and instituted by God to be His agent of ministry upon the earth. Likewise, Covenant Life Community Church is not a building, a social club, or a secluded religious group. We are a family – a fellowship of believers who seek to glorify God by preaching, teaching and living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Message


Our message is not really “ours.” It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the central message of the Bible – the good news that Jesus Christ paid for the sins of those who put their trust in Him and His finished work on the cross. The Gospel teaches us that God is holy, man is sinful, Jesus is our Savior, and we must respond to Him in faith.

Our Methods


Bible-based Expository Preaching
The Bible, God’s infallible word, is our source of truth and the foundation to declare the hope of the Gospel. So we believe expository preaching (line by line, book by book through the Bible) helps us to see God’s word clearly so that we may understand it and apply it to our lives. See our Resources page for the current preaching series.
Cross-centered Worship
Because of God’s justice, a price was required for our sins. Because of God’s love, He paid the price for us by sending His Son, Jesus, to die for our sins. Therefore we want to humbly sing, joyfully celebrate, and gratefully rejoice in the cross of Christ.
Grace-filled Evangelism and Discipleship
Because God has poured His grace and mercy upon us, we strive to share that same grace with others through the proclamation of the gospel and discipleship. Discipleship is expressed primarily through Community Groups and other opportunities such as prayer, bible studies, counseling, etc. - all done with a heart to help the body of believers grow to maturity, to the glory of God.


Gospel-centered Children and Youth Ministries
Our children are a gift from God. As such, we believe in teaching them the Gospel at an early age. Youth ministry is done side-by-side with the parents, not in replacement of them. As a church body, we hope to train families to live in light of God’s word, equipping parents to be the primary leaders in the discipleship of their children.


God-exalted Living
Everything we do, everything we are should reflect pleasure unto our Creator and bring Him glory. We want our marriages, our families, our fellowship, and our love for one another to make much of God and His wonderful mercy to us.