Is church membership a biblical concept? For many people the topic of church membership elicits negative feelings, perhaps due to past experiences or perhaps simply because we live in a society that scoffs at words such as accountability or covenant. Far from negative, church membership brings with it biblical safeguards and Christian growth.

We at Covenant Life Community Church (CLCC) feel membership is both biblical and extremely important in the life of a believer, and we specify the following requirements as necessary for any person desiring to become a member of our local church body:

  1. Confess the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be water baptized subsequent to their conversion as defined by the statement on Baptism in the Confession of Faith..
  2. Be completely free from any church discipline experienced during previous memberships to other local church bodies.
  3. Attend CLCC Sunday worship services for at least 6 months.
  4. Attend a Get2Know CLCC course*.
  5. Freely enter into covenant with current CLCC members by reciting the church covenant at a New Members Sunday morning worship service.

* Get2Know CLCC is an informational course that is offered twice each year and consists of six sessions.